Business, growth, and what I support...

Anytime businesses grow, hire more people, it's more than a good thing, it's an awesome thing.

First, businesses that are making money, should have money, to have more locations, this way owners operators can have inventory if that's the case, people representing, moving, selling. Taxes should be as low as possible, got to have money to do stuff as I just described, higher taxes, they do limit ability of such for businesses, even some one with only 101 knowledge of this gets it. Owners, operators should already know how to manage and operate, be their own leaders... so when I go back and say, Taxes are a big part of money in misolanious, big factor of moving forward, the lower, the better. I personally think that if I ever push an idea, it's to eliminate business tax, but how, well, if you think about it, businesses, and owners, aka or operators get taxed. It's not like we don't have allot of taxes already, may as well t…
Donald Trump, I will ask voters not to ask me how I feel or see the President. I already said I Respect the Leader of this Country, and I hope you as the voter Respect me on that view.

NOW, as far as our Economy goes, the President did a GREAT job at doing number of things that he did come up with, and took out from policies, and we will call them policies, because that's what they are, making a few things better, making a few things I think work in progress, and some stuff I am still looking at, in order to understand them, and how they work, why am I saying it this way, because it's my summary statement, from the bigger statement I'll at one point of time or another state some more of.

The President does not however poses people skills, or he is just to smart - knowing how to manipulate people on thinking the opposite or it's a delusion, who knows, but many people don't either, sure it's me being a critic, but i'm sure you'd criticize me on stuff too…
I would love to see the future where we eliminate boarders, boarder walls, all nations, being welcome of one another, where the freedom of law is just that, freedom.

Are we ever going to have that? Where we simply, and easily open up, sure, America is the nation for America, but why not let people of any, come, and enjoy life? If I want to live in China, I should, if some one from Mexico wants to come here, let them. We should all educate each other, not discourage of anything. But it's our own hate, is why we're in, where we are today. We hate what, other people? or is it that we simply hate working for their food, and shelter? It's true, all should work, and dwell.

Helping each other in all events. Not just disasters. My question is, can current Politicians make things work, I mean, it's so simple, yet, so hard, I just don't get it...? We are so consumed for even this stupid ass boarder wall, that not even I support, sure there is free will, and President can do…
I'm not raising money from donations, won't either, if money comes, it'll go back to where it came from... no lobby money either, basically any, all donations will not be accepted.

My intent here is to connect with Minnesota voters, one person at a time, that simple.... that's what I want to do....
Education is important to me, in order for me to start this and get it moving, reaching out to school districts is the first thing I will do, then try to work with what I can now, until elected, I know when some one is elected, they have more power to move things with phone calls and meets, not just other things that need to take place to make sure schools are doing well or better....

So if this means I drive to each and every school, so be it

I guess that's ONE-OF the first, right away things I would have to do is fix this, in Minnesota illegal immigrant problem. Maybe it's JUST me, but I figure we have minimal problem here, not as many illegals, but if there are, which I'm sure, so I do not need to be delusional.

I'd work closely with the Governor Elect, to then give illegals an option, but not the option of DEPORTATION, it's the option of, BECOME automatic documented person aka - citizen, EVEN if you want access to your former home land, fine, register. Why refuse? I don't think any one will, other wise, why face harsh reality of what President wants?

Above is a step for those who have been here LONG time, 5 Years is enough, 10 years is plenty, even 1 day is plenty. Become DOCUMENTED, even if your not a citizen. that's what I am trying to SAY.

Documented as in, social security number that's legal, your known by Home Land, Immigration.

Become part of America that…

This is pathetic

there is no law against separating families, sure on being illegal, and these people are desperate coming in.

It's your policy, if you want to go down the road of making these lives hell, at least build tents for these immigrants, camps, house them there by the boarder so no family is torn, because right now, I have a hard time believing, based on your actions, these kids will be back to their Parents.

Then get Federal Judges to see their case's. You say it's not enough, blaming Democrats constantly, I am not no Democrat, but this kind of view point from you, makes you less of a leader, more of, I am following rules, and rules of law only.

You know, if we, all American's followed all rules of law set forth, we would have;

- no speedsters on the road
- no text'ers on the road
- no drinking and driving on the road
- no cross walkers
- no late bill payers
- no schemers taking advan…